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About me

my charity activity


I am a pet therapy operator, an assistance dog trainer for mobility impaired people and certified trainer for service dogs for post-traumatic stress disorders. I am responsible for a behavioral and social rehabilitation project for children and teenagers in critical situations for the charity based in Italy and named "M'aMa". I create a special project called "learning while teaching" throughout the national territory, which through the involvment of dogs in assisted interventions, support social services and jouvenile centers.









I followed my first intervention in 2004, I have been active in dog world (sports and training) for more than 20 years, and  I definitely decided to devote myself full time to social activities.

you can learn more about myprojects here
 "learning while teaching"

My Story


My first aussie came to me in 2002. She was a show dog, stubborn and wonderful. I had start my research for "the perfect aussie" since then, and after 2 years living in Texas, many ASCA Nationals visited and dogs trained and bred, i have now a more clear idea about what i am searching for.

It was clear to me from first day that the original purpose of the breed it was the first criteria in the intent of selectively breed aussies. So from first years i was involved in different herding activities, ASCA Nationals, and it was clear to be the need to travell to USA to mett people and dogs that make the history of the breed. Before move to Texas for 2 years, i spend time with border collie breeders and trainer of Europe by train my dogs in order to learn the unique working attitude of the breed i was already in love with.

Before move to USA, I spend a week in Nizza with a friend of mine. We has got some really nice moments with her and her dogs; we has working in obedience, and in sheeps.


We moove to Texas in 2006, with ALL THE DOGS (it was pretty fun moove 15 dogs from Milan to Miami and then drive from Miami to Dallas). Matteo, my husband, was hired from a big ranch in north of dallas as reining horse trainer, and it was the opportunity of a lifetime for me to visit aussies breeders, trainer, ranches and some of the people who make the history of the breed. I was able to train my dogs with some of the finest Australian Shepherd breeders and trainer in Texas, and this experience had change complitely my idea about the breed: i was able to interact with aussies selected to do the job they was born for, i saw them involved into the daily routine in ranches, and i start asking myself questions about the need to mantein that attitute and personality i fall in love with..

it was the time i start to add pure working bloodlines in my breeding plan...


Seeing Aussies doing what they was born for , has given strength to my belief that we should not deviate too much from this model, even in the sporting compromise that can see the Australian engaged also in disciplines such as obedience, agility, flyball or others. I have seen, despite the variety and contrary to what one might think, well-chosen subjects of excellent character, demonstrating that even working dogs maintain a certain typicality. By compare and discuss with different breeders of both show / sport dogs and pure stockdog lines, the common point was that if the dog is build functional to the work for which the breed was born and was created, the result can only be a dog absolutely in type and with excellent attitudes. Despite the differences given by the type and the selection, I have found in most dogs a great energy and excellent athleticism.


This last picture is a good rappresentation about what i am talking about. those are Mango and Tomi playing at the sea. A show dog and a 100% wotking dog both involved on my breeding plan and my selection. 
Those are the kind of dogs i am looking for: moderate in type but with substance, open pedigrees, high stamina and medium/high temper, strong will to please and strong personality. 
My dogs are not dogs for anyone..they are NOT simple to manage. They need to be involved on an active routine and they need experience owner.

I mostly breed dogs that i will love to living with: healthy from fully checked parents and ancestors, funny, active, strong minded dogs.



                                      founder of WallaWanda Kennel

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