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Slash v Koffee kup blueberry pie - "koffee"

 "TIDE"  Slash V Shining Tide  X   "WHICKET"  Slash V Sweet N Whicket 

  black White   
Date of birth: 6 Dec 2009

HD: B\B         Elbows: 0/0 
Eye: Eye tested clear (at 2 months and yearly) 
Dentition: Scissor bite with full dentition
Tail length: long / docket   

AKC & ASCA registred 
Koffe was imported pup from Texas, from Slash V kennel, with the brother Hico. Unfortunately Hico, even if clear at the pre check, develop joints problems once mature (so he is now neutered and place like pet). I decide to breed Koffee with my proven boys from clear bloodlines, and the 3 litters she has got are just phenomenal. She is a great mother, sheeps proven worker (she was exposed and proven herself to be a really good calm worker) and one of the best dog in the house and with kids i had ever had. She is now spayed and retired and i can found a lot of her attitude on her daughter i keep home (Jazz our of her first litter with Mango, and Chilli, our from her last litter with Indy). I also keep co own rights on some of her pups as i love what she pass to her offspring.
koffeepdf pedigree here
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