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SixBit Tom-girl Tough WW - "Busy Bootie / Tomi "

WTCH Diamond S Doc Tom RTDcs   x   Cut'n Loose Tall Drinka Water STDcsd 

  red  White  COPPER
Date of birth: 29th May 2008 

HD: A\A         Elbows: 0/0 
Eye: Eye tested clear (at 2 months and yearly) 
Dentition: Scissor bite with full dentition
Tail length: long / docked   

AKC & ASCA registred 
"Busy Bootie " is our new addiction into the gang. 
A SPECIAL thanks to kathy (the breeder) that has work so hard for give us the possibility to have BB here at walla wanda; and SPECIAL thaks to Jamie ( Cut'n loose Working Australian Shepherd) that will take care of Tommi untill the ASCA national. We are sure that for BB stay at Jamie kennel will be the best we was hoping for: the best trainer for the best starting training for a special little pup! 
i was able to breed tomi just one time and it was in OPS litter. I was in California to visit a friend of mine, Gina Larson, and mango open tomi room and breed her. she give me the perfect duo: jam and quick. She  start to have some kidney stones 1 years after it, so we decide to spay her also to avoid piometra as she was subject to it. she is now retired and spayed.
tomi pdf pedigree here
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