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Welcome to Walla Wanda Kennel. Our kennel selectively breeds for the utmost criteria with particular attention to morphology and temperament, striving for the maximum quality in both with the intent to produce true versatile dogs. Our dogs have good working/sport attitude, show to have good herding istinct and are built according to the original ASCA standard.  All our dogs are checked at least by DNA for Cataract, MDR1 & CEA/PRA and have passed hips and elbows official check.


"Quality is never an accident... it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives" - Will Foster


not only know more about our primitive passion, click here and meet the NAKEDS


 LITTER "W" UPDATE! born 27 april 2023 
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something about me...


My first aussie came to me in 2002. She was a show dog, stubborn and wonderful. Since then I have started my research for "the perfect aussie", and after living in Texas for 2 years, visiting many ASCA Nationals, training and breeding many dogs, I have now a more clear idea about what I am searching for.....


If you inquire for a WallaWanda pup… remember: Aussies are NOT for everyone: they are strong willed, active, protective and intelligent dogs.


I screen prospective puppy buyers very carefully. You are not just buying a puppy from WallaWanda, you are joining my family

News from the Gang


Articles and infos about the breed, my dogs, dogs bred by me and pictures about our adventures or activities the dogs are involved in

past & present dogs


From our foundation dogs, to the courrent choices. You can have an idea about my goals and my idea of the "ideal" versatile dog 


My dog family is comprensive of two of the most unique primitive breed: the Peruvian Hairless Dogs and the xoloitzcuintle.  I was not looking for a different breed as my Aussies truly rappresent me for many reasons, but once i meet my first "Perro Sin Pelo Peruano" (Elf , multi BOG winner, JWW, WDW and multi Ch. Nuevo Callao Pazzda, owned by Lidija Klemencic from CRO), i was so intrigued by the breed that i decide to add "Malo" to the family, my first boy born in France from import Perù parents.
Due the strickly UNREASONABLE Enci rules in Italy, and no interested by the Italian Kennel Club to establish a commission willing to help me to promote the breed, most of my Peruvians are now living with "Gruffalina's Kennel" in Croatia.
Right now we have home Xoloitzcuitle & American Hairless Terrier
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