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Beach Bunny dress Billabong- "Jam/trouble"

Harmony hill's Arrivederci (Mango)  x   SixBit Tom-girl Tough WW (Busy Bootie / Tomi)

  Date of birth: june 29, 2009
HD: A/A 
Elbows: 0/0 
Eye: Eye tested clear (at 2 months and yearly) 
CEA/PRA/DM: clear 
HSF4/cataract: clear 
Dentition: full and scissor 
CKC & ASCA registred 

Tail length: long 
Breeder: Wallawanda Kennel 

Others: MDR1 +/- 
Jam,  like his full brother Quick, is out from our "ops litter" from mango and tomi. I was really upsett when that happend (not to me, i I was in california when that happend), but according with my italian & american vets and to tomi & mango breeders we has decide to make tomi have the litter (of course they was pedigree compatible and we was thinking to have the cross in the future). She was 13 months (and mango just 15!!) at the time of the mating but at the prehips check was showing to be full grow (and of course they both was precheck good for hips and elbows), so we has decide to let the her have the pups (that of course was only 2).Tomi was so nice to give us one red tri boy (quick) and one red merle girl (jam). they both show to be really promising both in sport and herding and we have high aspectatives on them!

I fall in love with this girl from the first moment..she is PLENTY of herself, really strong on bite attitude during play and she show from the beginning interest on sheeps. she is the kind of dogs that is with you only if she respect you. but if you be a team with her..well..she never leave you alone! 
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